Cherry Blossom Families

Nicole, Bob, and Baby Emersom

We hired Christen to help us with the birth of our daughter in February. When I decided I wanted a doula I really thought it was someone we would hire that would attend the labor and delivery to help me. What we received was so much more. A medical condition diagnosed during early pregnancy left us with a lot of unknowns. We had no idea if the natural childbirth I had dreamed of would be an option. Christen was so helpful in helping me deal with my emotions when we were facing the possibility of a c-section. We knew for sure I would be induced and despite this not being what we wished for, it was best for the health of the baby. She helped me prepare for it emotionally and physically. On induction day she was there and prepared to support me even if it meant she would be there for a long time. With the preparations prior to delivery time, I was able to handle my induction with only needing a cervical ripener, no pitocin and zero pain medication as I had planned.  Christen was by my side and advocated for me even when the nurse didn't believe me when I was ready to push! Without Christen I am not sure we would have had the same amazing outcome and quick relaxed labor and delivery. It was simply perfect! We will be calling Christen when we are ready to have our next baby!

Jenny, Mark, and Baby Nolan

Christen was an absolute joy to work with! From the very beginning my husband and I felt at compete ease with her. Our prenatal appointments were extremely helpful and encouraging. She gives great tips with preparation and nutrition. I had a very long labor and she was right there with me throughout. She had great ideas and tips during the labor process. I was able to have a wonderful and natural labor thanks to Christen and I honestly am not sure I could have done it without her. I feel like she's part of my family now. Will most definitely be working with her in the future!

Sonya, Zach, and Baby Graham

Christen was the best doula we could have asked for. 
Natural birth was pretty challenging, but with Christen's help, I felt it was actually manageable. She taught me how to get into a rhythm that got me through the toughest parts. She provided guidance without being obtrusive, and it felt great having her by my side!
I would recommend her to anyone!

Erica, Kyle, and Baby Brooklyn

Christen is a God-send! My entire experience, from pregnancy, to the recent birth of our daughter, was made complete in every way by her. Her extensive guidance, support, advice, education, and expertise made us both feel so comfortable, and was invaluable throughout my labor and delivery. At our first visit together, we knew she was the perfect fit. Her confident, nurturing demeanor was just a small factor in us instantly "clicking". It was like we'd been friends for years. She was always available for a quick bit of advice or comforting, reassuring words throughout my pregnancy.  My labor was 24 hours, with no epidural, and I needed to have pitocin to speed things up. She was "on her game" for every single second of those intense and long hours, offering physical and emotional support, encouragement, and love to both my husband and myself. If it weren't for her, I most likely wouldn't have made it through transition without an epidural, since, at one point, I was giving up and felt like I couldn't do it anymore. She helped me pull from within and find strength to encourage myself, and helped me to fall into a rhythm that got me through it.

My husband also says how there was "no way he could've done it without her". Together she, my husband, and our nurse, were "the dream team" to me. We're so lucky to have found her, and feel blessed to have had her at the birth of our daughter.


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