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Nutrition Support


As a nutritionist I take a traditional, holistic approach to living and feeling well.  I believe

"food is medicine", an incredibly powerful tool in the prevention and treatment of disease

and illness.  If you aren't already eating nutritiously, there is no better time to choose

to live a healthier life than when pregnant with your child.  The nutrients that you bring

into your body will have not only a direct impact on your health and well-being, but also

on that of your unborn baby.  Real, nutrient dense foods will help you feel your best and

bounce back more quickly post-partum.  By eating a healthful diet you will also be setting

up your baby's good health from the get-go. 

Optimal Nutrition during pregnancy is necessary to support

  • Growth of the placenta
  • An increase in blood volume
  • An increase in cardiac output
  • Hormonal changes
  • Alterations to lung, kidney, urinary and reproductive changes
  • Changes to breast tissue in preparation for breastfeeding

As part of my packages, I offer guidance with optimal nutrition during

pregnancy and postpartum, including breastfeeding.  Topics we will cover include:

  • achieving healthy weight gain

  • maintaining energy and stores of essential nutrients as your baby enters into a

           phase of rapid weight gain

  • nutrition and breast milk production

  • avoiding third trimester ailments like anemia, gestational diabetes, fatigue and


  • preparing your body and building energy reserves for labor

  • eating and food choices while breastfeeding

  • guidance with any nutrition concerns

If you are interested in more in depth nutrition counseling or support with a specific condition, such as gestational diabetes please contact me.  We can easily add  prenatal nutrition counseling sessions to your package.